Have you ever traveled M-139 in Benton Harbor? There you'll find one of Michigan's oddest and least known tourist attractions - Skellville, a creepy collection of skulls and skeletons.

Skellville is located on teh grounds of John E. Piedt garden supply store - or former store - it's difficult to see of any acutal commerce is happening here. If Finding this place is relatively easy, finding a living person, not so much. Taking a tour on you own is fine but what if you want inside to see more? According to RoadsideAmerica.com, you can call ahead but we never got an answer and apparently we aren't the only ones. Also, the other description is even more puzzling. Manta describes the business this way,

Guns and Gunsmiths in Benton Harbor, MI
Ret Guns Ammunition Ladders And Whol Farm Supplies Agricultural Chemicals

Check out some of the curiosities we did see when we toured Skellville.

Have you ever been to this place or know anything about it? Share it with us in the comments.

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