Reading this story sounds an awful lot like the State of Michigan has legally allowed the use of medical marijuana.  Am I the only one that is reading this story that way?  It's almost like. "We need to get more cards printed, more quickly, so people can legally be using the stuff without getting in trouble for it"

The State of Michigan purchased a machine, a printer, that will allow it to produce 4,000 medical marijuana cards a day.  The machine cost six figures, and if the state is spending that money believe me, they are expecting a big return on it!

A spokesperson, Rae Ramsdell, who oversees the medical marijuana program, says 40,000 people who don't have cards have been given a tamper-proof letter to show they're qualified to use marijuana for medical purposes.

In the State of Michigan more than 131,000 people have been approved for medical marijuana usage. There are thousands more people who work as caregivers and they are allowed to grow marijuana for up to five people.

Wondering how many people are applying for and renewing medical marijuana usage cards and requests?  The office receives roughly 600 pieces of mail a day.  Hmmm, starting to look like Michigan may be becoming one of the more liberal states when it comes to "medical" marijuana usage.