Man, the rebooted Star Trek movie series really has this whole “casting actors we really like” thing down. The latest report from Star Trek 3 has the great Idris Elba cast as the movie’s villain, whose identity remains, for the moment, a mystery.

The news comes to us via Variety and they don’t know much more than we do. They do suggest that Elba could be playing a Klingon, who were finally re-introduced in Star Trek Into Darkness, but could not confirm it. Although it may ever-so-slightly racist to immediately assume that Elba would be playing a Klingon, we have to admit: he would have one helluva Klingon. Just imagine those forehead ridges on that handsome mug.

Elba is, of course, the well-liked star of the BBC series Luther, but this wouldn’t be his first time diving headfirst into a geeky franchise. He’s paid his dues in nerd-fests like Thor, Prometheus and Pacific Rim, where he made it his duty to class up each of those joints with his suave, charming self. There are few things that sound as appealing as the ever-charismatic Elba having a showdown with Chris Pine’s brash James T. Kirk.

Hopefully, Elba can break a trend that began in 2009’s Star Trek and continued through Star Trek Into Darkness: the casting of wonderful actors as poorly conceived villains. We love us some Eric Bana and Benedict Cumberbatch, but they were wasted in underwritten roles. If you’re going to cast another infinitely watchable actor as a Star Trek villain, we only ask that you give him something to do. Please.

Star Trek 3 will be directed by Justin Lin and begins filming this June.

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