Sure, Stranger Things parodies have more or less run their course by summer’s end, but we can’t fault SNL for having waited to get in on the Upside Down. So it is, that Lin-Manuel Miranda takes us into Stranger Things Season 2 by introducing us to Lucas’ family.

Beginning with a foreword from Stranger Things creators the Duffer brothers (no, not really), SNL made note of never introducing young Lucas’ family in Season 1, making up for it with a clip of Stranger Things Season 2. The bit saw host Miranda lisping as Dustin, though Leslie Jones and Kenan Thompson got some of the bigger laughs as Lucas’ parents, noting that “people who look like us already live in the Upside Down!”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Stranger Things parody without Eleven showing up (admittedly a missed opportunity for the Demogorgon), for which SNL put Kate McKinnon into full Millie Bobby Brown hair for the part.

Now that SNL has had their fill, we’ve hopefully put the majority of Stranger Things references to bed until Season 2 actually gears up for production, but enjoy the sketch above, and stay tuned for more SNL.

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