Andy and I have been talking about singles week on 100.5 WTRV FM. While many people say they are single and "looking," others are very happy living on their own.

George Clooney and Cameron Diaz are the top role models for singles. Nearly a third of the men taking part in a new poll say they believe Clooney leads a "fabulous unmarried life," while 62-percent of the women think Diaz has "the ultimate unmarried life." Among the guys Justin Timberlake takes a distant second place with 22-percent of the vote, followed by Jake Gyllenhaal. Rihanna is a rather far-removed number two on the women's list, and royal sibling Pippa Middleton comes in third. Most single people also admit they'd rather be in a relationship. But while 77-percent of the women and 74-percent of the men are voicing this preference, 85-percent of the guys and just 73-percent of the women say they're happier when they're in a relationship. In addition, 90-percent of men and 85-percent of the women would rather have a long-term relationship than a pet.