West Michigan made it on television again Tuesday night in the form of a West Michigan native performing and blowing Kelly Clarkson away on NBC’s 'The Voice' night two of blind auditions.

Ryan Gallagher, who’s originally from Ada, performed a blind audition that ended up landing him on Team Kelly.  Ryan came out and sang Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s “The Prayer” and from the very beginning, he had Kelly hooked. From the start of the song, she was super excited and then you can tell by her reaction, that hearing Ryan sing, she was blown away.  As he was singing the song in Italian, Andea’s native language, Kelly shares that she was singing with him in English.

Blake Shelton also turned around and while trying to convince Ryan which team he should join, Blake kept making fun of needing an “Opry” singer and being a member of the Grand Ole’ Opera.  After some banter back and forth with Blake really trying to get Ryan on his team, Kelly threw out that she could see Ryan winning and would do a duet with Kelly during the finale.

Kelly, from the start, wanted the west Michigan native on her team. In the end, although Blake was his first pick, as he said, Ryan chose Kelly.

The craziest part is, according to the bio via a press release, Ryan wasn’t originally a fan of singing until he joined his high school choir.  Which when you hear him sing, it’s hard to believe he just wanted the easy A for being in the choir.  He eventually got a solo while a part of the high school choir, blew everyone away, and was offered a chance to audition for Josh Groban’s backup choir.  After that, his bio says he was in a country band before moving out to Los Angeles where he’s been for the past 10 years singing at private events.

I’m excited to see how Ryan now does the rest of the season. If he wins he needs to come home and do a big show for us.  If he loses, he at least needs to call in and give us all the dirt on what happens on ‘The Voice’.


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