Grand Rapids has been honored by people literally around the world as a true "Beer Destination."  With Founders Brewery attracting folks from far and wide, Grand Rapids Brewing Co. opening, and other craft beer makers brewing some fabulous beers locally, Grand Rapids seemingly is the spot to be for beer lovers.

But, what about wine?  I love a good glass of wine.  Wine has been left behind, at least in the publicity department. There are a lot of wine drinkers out there.  Most everyone drinks wine, at some time or other.  Wine shops abound, most restaurants have good wine lists, but it's kind of quite.  We love it...we just don't advertise it.

That is about to change because USA Today has named downtown's 

Reserve Wine & Food
Reserve Wine & Food

Reserve Wine and Food, one of the country's top 10 great places that serve wine flights.

For the Dec. 7 article, Paul Cappiali, who leads the Wine School at VERO Restaurant & Wine Bar in New York, chose the best spots to indulge in fine wine that also boast comfortable settings and good food, and the Reserve made the top 10!  Very cool.

There is an article on that you can follow for the complete story.

Congratulations Reserve!


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