The City of Zeeland requires residents to build fences around small, temporary swimming pools.

That may soon change.

Zeeland residents are required to build 4-foot fences around temporary pools.

Both the cost and the permanence of the fence is a concern for some residents. has more:

At issue is whether a pool like (Todd) Leva's — a $300 4-foot-deep model and a ladder with steps designed to fold when not in use — presents a danger to others. Leva told the board he and his wife were concerned about safety but felt installing a permanent fence, which would cost much more than the pool, was extreme.

Commissioner Jim DeKock agreed that, as he said, "No one wants to put a fence up around something they're going to put in a shed over the winter."

It's possible the ordinance could be changed, if it is, it won't happen until after summer.

It's well known that pools and water pose a risk.  Even a small amount of water presents a danger.

Should small pools be allowed to work under a different set of rules than larger pools?

Who should be required to be responsible for making sure that pools remain safe?

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