Michigan breweries continue to enjoy growth.

Short’s Brewing Company of Bellaire, Michigan has announced production growth of 51 percent in 2014.

Short’s, founded in 2004 by Joe Short, brewed 22,866 barrels of beer in 2013 and 34,443 barrels of beer in 2014. That’s over 1 million gallons of beer.

Much of Short’s growth can be contributed to the continued success of Short’s Flagship and Seasonal beers including: Soft Parade, Huma Lupa Licious, Local’s, and Short’s Seasonal Variety Pack.

Short’s only distributes beer within the state of Michigan, which means that their growth comes entirely from those living in or visiting Michigan.

In 2014, Short’s production facility in Elk Rapids, Michigan installed a new filler and an onsite waste water pretreatment system. Short’s also acquired property adjacent to the production facility to use for future expansion and added 32 employees.

Brian Beckwith, Short’s CFO said, "With the equipment and infrastructure we added to our production brewery last summer we look forward to another great year in 2015, with a planned production of over 45,000 barrels.”

In 2015, Short’s plans to complete an expansion in Bellaire that will add additional seating, bathrooms, a brand new kitchen as well as exterior upgrades.

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