There's a new social media challenge the impressionable are jumping on, called the "Shell On" challenge".

For the most part, it could be a harmless challenge, you eat eggs, fruit or potatoes even, anything that you'd peel, you eat it all instead. Here's where some people go off the tracks with the challenge.

People are actually eating their sandwich with the plastic still on it or fruit roll-ups with the wrappers still intact.  WHY?! You can't enjoy your "likes" when you're dead because you swallowed the wrapper and choked to death, dummy. (OMG, I sound like my grandpa now.)

Ok, truth is, they're not necessarily swallowing the plastic or paper wrappers, so it's not as dumb and deadly as the "Tide Pod challenge", but if you're a good parent, you'll find a bunch of YouTube videos that show kids choking and scare your kids, just like my mom used to do with the show 'Rescue 911' hosted by William Shatner.

That show totally ruined my childhood of playing in drainage ditches after one episode showed these two kids being swept away.  Even though they lived, we were taught to fear the ditch... and then 'IT' came out and helped her even more.

Anyway, the more you know...

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