Winter weather has definitely arrived and has started off with quite a punch.  Even though we all live in Michigan and KNOW how to drive in this weather, it doesn’t mean we act that way in the first couple of snows.

Connie and Fish had listeners send in their tips for safe driving in winter weather,

but sometimes even with hearing (or reading in this case) all these tips and reminders, it’s not until we see something that makes our white pants brown, that we heed the warning.

The Kent County Sheriffs Office posted a video on Facebook from one of their patrol car’s dash cam units.  It happened on Wednesday as the officer was traveling eastbound on 14-mile road, when you see a car slide through a stop sign and hit a semi-truck, who then veers off towards oncoming traffic in a scary game of chicken. Fortunately, the officer quickly drove into the ditch to miss being hit head-on.

As the Kent County Sheriff's Office points out, this emphasizes why it’s important to be completely in the “now” while driving in bad weather.

Truthfully, it’s a reminder of why to be in the “now” always, but let's take baby steps and try to be safe during winter driving.

By the way, do you have a winter safety kit in your car?




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