Several schools in Reading, Ohio are closed today because of a clown threat.

WXYZ Detroit reports that the decision was made by the Superintendent of the school district after being contacted by detectives regarding the incident.

Around 4 this morning, a woman was smoking a cigarette on her porch when someone in a clown outfit and mask approached her with a knife and grabbed her throat. According to the victim, the clown said:

"I should just kill you now and 'that some students and teachers would wish they were never born at the junior and senior high school today.' "

The superintendent was especially concerned for the children that walk to school early in the morning.

The school district posted an announcement on their Facebook page.

According to, the clown escaped when an alarm, from a neighbor's house, went off.

This isn't the first incident regarding clowns. People, from multiple states, have been warned of clowns trying to lure children into the woods. Now there's one in Michigan walking around somewhere in Big Rapids, creepily staring at people.

This clown trend is terrifying and needs to stop, now.