Reading is so fundamental.  Who hasn't heard that phrase before.  But, it's true.  Without the ability to read, and there are more people who can't than you can imagine, the world is so closed off.

Starting early is key.  We want our children to have a love of reading so that the world literally opens up for them, and, reading to them is a monumental help.

The Salvation Army, together with the Peter C. and Emajean Cook Foundation and with support from Crowe Horwath and other community partners, will be doing their part to promote literacy by participating in reading events in over forty classrooms throughout the Grand Rapids area on Friday, April 19.

“Army of Readers” is a program consisting of over 50 young professional and college student volunteers who will be visiting classrooms in Grand Rapids to read an assigned book and administer a classroom activity related to their specific book.

“The Army of Readers” program event, which is Friday, April 19, will be between 9:30 and 11:30 a.m. in over 40 classrooms in several Grand Rapids-area schools.

How would you like to be a "reader?"  They still volunteers, and you can get more information and sign up by logging on to their website HERE!

These students are going to be getting a great gift!