Up in the Upper Peninsula is the town of Rockland, in Ontonagon County.

This is one awesome town, with so many original old buildings and storefronts still standing, still in existence. Some occupied, others are empty. This is the kind of town you wish was a ghost town so you could explore these great old buildings, but nothing says you can’t take a roadtrip there and see ‘em all. Who knows? It’s possible you could get the owners to give you tours of some of ‘em.

Rockland’s business and residence district grew around the Rockland Mine, which began operations in 1847. A post office opened for business in 1853, but shut down in 1860. In 1963 the Minesota Mine (spelled correctly) post office was turned over to Rockford.

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In the same area were other mining settlements: Rosendale, Webster, and Williamsburg. All three became as one in 1864 when they merged and were combined with Rockland, making the town the size it is today.

Unlike hundreds of old Michigan mining & lumber towns, Rockland still exists, with a good handful of businesses to keep it afloat. This is definitely a place you should visit for some terrific photo ops. There are so many old storefronts, you'll have fun trying to guess which ones were general stores, saloons, hotels, livery stables, blacksmith shops, and others! Also drive through some of the neighborhoods, as you might find some old abandoned homes sitting back in the overgrowth.

Just a tad south of town is Rockland's Irish Hollow Cemetery, that has an interesting legend to it. Check out that tale by CLICKING HERE.

Take a look at the photos below, then take a roadtrip!



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