Flying anytime soon?  You love having to lug, pull, roll, your bags through airports, don't you. Well, possibly someday, you won't have to because they will simply follow you.

There is a company called NUA Robotics has created a suitcase that will follow you and can be tracked by your smartphone.

I'm serious. According to Mashable:

By using an in-suitcase camera sensor as well as Bluetooth pairing through a smartphone app, the suitcase will know where it's owner is, and can follow along (at least on flat surfaces).



Israel-based company NUA Robotics has created this. In addition, the suitcase can charge mobile devices, keep tabs on its own weight and has an alarm should anyone try to steal it.

However, I wonder what the TSA will have to say. I can see it now. Uh, sir, is that your bag following you?

It's possible that this will come to market in about a year. the company is already thinking about the technology working on shopping carts at the supermarket. Now you're talking. Your cart just follows you through the isles and you toss in what you want. Cool!


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