First let me say "This Is Brilliant."  It needs to be an ArtPrize entry.  That being said, four o'clock today, marked the "Official Launch" of the Rob Bliss, American Pie Lip Dub Video, filmed in Grand Rapids, last Sunday.  Good reviews so far! It premiered on YouTube today!  It's fun to try and spot all of the familiar faces in the crowd and those participating in the video.  This event is my favorite Rob Bliss event so far!  See it here 1st!  *****Already in the Top 10 youTube Video's as of 5/28/11.  Close to 900,000 views so far!  Worldwide coverage in addition to coverage on MSNBC and Inside Edition plus other National outlets.  This is good!  You gotta see it!  ps It was all done in just one take.  No cuts.  No edits.