Anyone from Michigan (or any northern state) knows a snowbird. Someone who decides to spend the winter in a warm weather climate. The opposite trend may become a thing - Floridians who see the value in the northern Great Lakes and decide to become reverse snowbirds.

Comedian, and Floridian, Josh Pray was on tour and visiting the Great Lakes, specifically the western Lake Michigan shore at Milwaukee. He was blown away by Lake Michigan

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In the video Josh discovers the treasure that is the Great Lakes and how it positively compares to Florida beaches, specifically, that our beaches are free of nearly naked "European people with Speedos the size of Brittney Spears's panties."
Traditionally, a snowbird would be someone with a perminant home in the north and travels to a warmer place, renting through the winter, to escape the cold.
A reverse snowbird, then, would be a permanent resident of a state like Florida who would relocate for an extended period of time, likely the Great Lakes unmatched summer months, to the north. 
Pray predicts that trend as he gets choked up with the beauty of our inland seas.
The comments on his videos fully endorse the concept:
Wait until you see Lake Superior!
Come to Michigan and visit all of them. So beautiful and we have the most wonderful summers and falls. Winters are just too cold.
we have the shortest shoreline of all the great lakes in Indiana but we can watch the sunset with the Chicago skyline in the distant!
I keep trying to tell people!! enjoy Lake Michigan
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