For pop stars, Las Vegas no longer carries the elephants' graveyard stigma it once did.

Where Sin City was once considered the town exhausted music superstars would bunker down in to ride out the twilight hours of their careers, Vegas is now a springboard for pop stars looking either for something more geographically stable than a world tour, or to simply revitalize their brand. (Also, the million dollar contracts don't hurt.)

While multi-decade career-spanning legends like Celine Dion and Cher have, at one point or another, set up shop in Vegas, younger icons like Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears have recently called the strip their home, with the "...Baby One More Time" singer doing so well in the Nevada city, she won four Best of Las Vegas Awards in 2017 and announced Piece of Me would receive a limited-run tour in 2018.

Subsequently, the Princess of Pop's success—as well as Lady Gaga's recent residency announcement and rumors that Gwen Stefani is currently courting her own Sin City deal—has opened up more conversations about which other pop stars should headline in Vegas.

Below, check out ten artists who deserve their own Las Vegas residency deals.

Pop Stars Who Deserve a Vegas Residency

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