PNC Bank turned a disappointment into a great give-back moment when they made a large donation of art supplies to Grand Rapids Public Schools.

WOODTV reports that PNC Bank was the sponsor of ArtPrize Education Days last year when ArtPrize 2020 was scheduled to happen, but because of the coronavirus pandemic ArtPrize never happened.  Which meant PNC Bank now had a huge amount of art supplies and no one to take advantage of them. Originally PNC Bank had enough supplies for 18,000 kids who would participate during ArtPrize Education Days. Supplies such as markers, construction paper, paint, glue sticks, and other kids friendly supplies. So PNC Bank partnered with Meijer to get “cinch sacks” according to WOODTV and was able to donate supplies for 7,000 students within Grand Rapids Public Schools.

PNC Bank Regional President for West Michigan, Sean Welsh, told WOODTV the inspiration behind the art supplies donation,

“Grand Rapids Public Schools has been doing an amazing job but they’ve been challenged with resources trying to keep the workers safe, the students safe and the community safe and that comes with an extra cost."

I'm sure this will definitely come in handy as we come into the last part of the school year. I remember when I was in school, the last quarter they'd use this weird purple printing machine to copy papers for homework or tests because it was cheaper to use, but was always super hard to read, but we had no choice because of the yearly budget was run out. I doubt much has changed, especially since I didn't go to school during a pandemic that was affecting the economy.

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