Hi, I'm Johnnie, and I'm addicted to Asian cuisine. ("Hi Johnnie," you all respond.) A few years back, someone I worked with introduced me to the wonderful food from Vietnam, and I've been hooked since. Especially Mi Xao Don, and the fabulous Pho! And soon we'll be able to feast on Pho at the Downtown Market!

Pho616 will be opening up inside the Downtown Market later this summer, with an outdoor patio, too! Everything will be ready for To-Go orders, too, since the menu is based off Vietnamese street foods: Pho, Bahn Mi, summer rolls, and more. I'm so excited.

They'll also have a store for Asian produce and lots of Vietnamese stuff, like mangosteen, dragonfruit, starfruit, lychee, and durian.

Pho is a dish that sounds weird, but when you get that steaming bowl of soup, noodles, protein of choice, bean sprouts, peppers, and whatever else you like in there, you know what food nirvana really is. The soup comes out sort of plain, with the noodles, meat, and some onions in there.

But the amazing part is how you can customize the Pho to what you want it to taste like. Want spicy? There are peppers to put in, I like those tiny little Asian peppers that have a great kick to them. There's basil, lime, cilantro, bean sprouts, and other things you can add to your soup to make it perfect for you.

I always throw in A TON of bean sprouts. I love them.

I'm a little obsessed with Pho and Mi Xao Don, which I noticed when looking through my Instagram for photos for this post. I posted most of them in here, and if they don't make you hungry, there might be something wrong with you.

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