After releasing deluxe editions of his Face Value and Both Sides albums on Jan. 29, Phil Collins will continue his solo catalog reissue campaign with expanded and remastered versions of Hello, I Must Be Going! (his second solo album, from 1982) and Dance Into the Light (from 1996).

Those releases, scheduled for Feb. 26, extend Collins' Take a Look at Me Now series, which finds him adding demos and live tracks to remasters of his solo LPs while recreating their original cover art with current photos. According to the press release announcing the scheduling for the Hello, I Must Be Going! and Dance Into the Light reissues, "his remaining four solo studio albums will also be released in the same format in the coming months."

As with Face Value and Both Sides, the expanded Hello, I Must Be Going! and Dance Into the Light will be available on CD and digital formats as well as on 180-gram vinyl. Take a look at the complete track listings for both titles below.

Phil Collins, 'Hello, I Must Be Going!' Deluxe Edition
"I Don't Care Anymore"
"I Cannot Believe It's True"
"Like China"
"Do You Know, Do You Care?"
"You Can't Hurry Love"
"It Don't Matter to Me"
"Thru These Walls"
"Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away"
"The West Side"
"Why Can't It Wait 'Til Morning?"
"I Don't Care Anymore" - Live
"I Cannot Believe It's True - Live
"Like China" - Live
"You Can't Hurry Love" - Live
"It Don't Matter to Me" - Live
"The West Side" - Live Rehearsal
"People Get Ready" - Live
"Thru These Walls" - Live
"It's Alright" - Live
"Oddball" - Demo of "Do You Know, Do You Care?"
"Don't Let Him Steal Your Heart Away" - Demo

Phil Collins, 'Dance Into the Light' Deluxe Edition
"Dance Into the Light"
"That's What You Said"
"Just Another Story"
"Love Police"
"Wear My Hat"
"It's In Your Eyes"
"Oughta Know By Now"
"Take Me Down"
"The Same Moon"
"River So Wide"
"No Matter Who"
"The Times They Are A-Changin'"
"Dance Into the Light" - Live
"Just Another Story" - Live
"Wear My Hat" - Live
"River So Wide" - Live
"Take Me Down" - Live
"Lorenzo" - Demo
"That's What You Said" - Demo
"Another Time" - B-side
"It's Over" - B-side
"I Don't Wanna Go" - B-side

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