There's an unnerving story that circulates among some in the far north and west of Michigan's Upper Peninsula about a ghost town that once stumbled upon can never be found again.

The story begins with a hunting trip in the early 1980s at the base of the Keweenaw Peninsula in the very sparsely populated area between Bruce Crossing and Houghton. The group was taking time time between hunts and exploring the backroads and logging trails of the region. The road they were on led them a deserted town where the saw no residents but had a feeling that people could return home at any moment.

They took some pictures of the area as they were so enchanted by it and moved on with their day. Describing the town at the bar they went to that evening, the waitress and cook heard the story and knowingly acknowledged the hunters had stumbled upon 'Peterson.'

Peterson is described as a legendary ghost town that is seen by some back country explorers in the Upper Peninsula that reveals itself once and can never be found again.

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Photos taken in town came back missing after they were developed.

I guess the thing that disturbed me the most about this whole thing was the film, the pictures that were taken.

Pictures were taken before and after we were in Peterson but the only pictures that didn't turn out were the ones that were taken in Peterson.

I forget what the exact number we came up with but I think it was around 15 between two cameras that were missing. We didn't get erased but the pictures did, how? I've thought about that a lot about that and the one thing that stands out to me is the pictures were the only concrete proof we could have had, without them all there is, is our story.

What's incredible is that the story if Peterson is on an isolated tale in the Upper Peninsula. After the story was shared on a Reddit forum dedicated to 'High Strangeness' others told of their encounters with the town.

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Can confirm that others in and around the Western UP have talked about Peterson before. While I've never experienced Peterson myself, several people I know in the Ewen-Trout Creek have. One of my old bowling teammates in the mid-90's told a very similar story.

It is a case of a misremembered place on the map? A slip of time or dimension? For some in the Upper Peninsula, Peterson will remain a twinge that tickles their memories with the haunting unsettling of an encounter they can't explain.

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