Officer Lake with the Grand Rapids Police Department is reminding us all once again that life is bigger than just ourselves.

Yesterday morning Keagan, a 13-year-old GRPS student, was heading to his second day of school, a new school for him at that. He jumped on a city bus and was headed to school, except he got confused and ended up getting off at the wrong stop.

He was lost and scared as he was on the phone with his mom. She wasn’t sure where he was but gave a call to the Grand Rapids Police Department.

That’s where Officer Lake comes into the story. He was able to locate Keagan and get him calmed down and reassured the teen that he was going to be alright and was safe. Then Officer Keagan took it a step further and made sure he got to school, by giving him a ride.

It was all in a day’s work, I’m sure, for officer Lake, but to Keagan and his mom, it meant so much more!

I also am happy to see in the comments from the GRPD post that others had noticed Keagan and were turning around to see if they could also help.  We’re all in this together!