If you want to own a part of Michigan's history, you can put in your bid for a section of Mighty Mac.

A couple of months ago, we told you about how parts of the Mackinac Bridge would be up for auction soon.  And after a long wait, those parts are finally on the auction block.

So, what do you get exactly if you win one of the Mackinac Bridge parts auction?  Well, it's a barrel of original steel grating from the bridge that weighs close to 500 pounds.  Check out the description from GovDeals.com below.

'Pieces of original steel grating from the Mackinac Bridge. The pieces range in size from 5"x 8" to 5"x11". There are approximately 140 pieces total in each 55 gallon barrel. Approximately 470 pounds. Condition is used and section loss appropriate to steel that is 60 years old. Grating was originally coated with lead based paint. Much of this is gone. but buyer will have to sign a "Hold harmless agreement". Agreement is attached to auction ad.

So, what would you do with close to 500 pounds of steel grating from the Mackinac Bridge?   Maybe you could weld it together artistically for an ArtPrize entry or just stick it in your yard and use it as a fence.  Who knows?  It's up to you.

The auction is already underway and the bids range between $600 and $800.  You only have until May 18th to bid on the Mackinac Bridge parts and there are only 5 barrels of available, so get to it!

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