This is one of those instances when you just take the loss. A Michigan woman is recovering, and likely still showering, after falling into an outhouse going after a lost Apple watch.

The incident happened in northern Michigan's Otsego County at Dixon Lake southeast of Gaylord.

TV 9 & 10 reports

Otsego County DNR officers, MSP troopers, and EMS worked together to rescue a woman from an outhouse toilet on Tuesday.

Troopers say they were called out to the DNR boat launch at Dixon Lake around 11 a.m. A woman had been heard yelling for help inside the outhouse.

The toilet facility was removed and the woman was rescued from the pit.

We can only hope that we can spread this story widely enough that someone at Apple Headquarters in California sees this and helps the woman out with a new watch. If she was so in love with her watch that she would Shawshank it into a pit of sewage to get it back, that's someone who loves Apple products and deserves a new Watch and maybe a new iPhone 15 for her troubles. Just get her the model with a wrist strap as we don't want any repeats of this incident.

Finally, shout out to Northern Michigan first responders who did their duty and helped a civilian out of a crappy situation.

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