The 86th annual Academy Awards brought together Hollywood's best, but some of the best went home empty handed, again.

Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for an Academy Award four times.

Amy Adams has been nominated for an Academy Award five times.

Neither has won, making them 0 for 9.

Both are among Hollywood's best, but who deserves an Academy Award more?

I think they're both great actors, but my vote goes to Amy Adams. Sure, DiCaprio has held the lead more often, but Adams' versatility and ability to steal scenes in a supporting role takes it for me.

Take a look at their nominations, then vote for your favorite.

Either way, I'm guessing it's only a matter of time for each of them.


  • Best Actress - American Hustle - 2014
  • Best Supporting Actress - The Master - 2013
  • Best Supporting Actress - The Fighter - 2011
  • Best Supporting Actress - Doubt - 2009
  • Best Supporting Actress - Junebug - 2006


  • Best Actor - The Wolf of Wall Street - 2014
  • Best Actor - Blood Diamond - 2007
  • Best Actor - The Aviator - 2005
  • Best Supporting Actor - What's Eating Gilbert Grape - 1994

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