With everyone concerned and occupied with COVID19/The Coronavirus, little attention was paid to a story of historical significance that was, "unearthed" so to speak on a beach north of Ludington. 

New shipwerck remains had just been reported on the beach north of Ludington, near the State Park entrance.

Experts say high water tends to reveal long-buried shipwrecks, and several around Lake Michigan have recently become visible. As a matter of fact, over 300 ships have grounded on the west coast of Michigan over the last 170 years, at least 20 of those between the two Point Sables.

The wreckage is a hull fragment from a wooden vessel. At the time of the survey the wreckage was approximately 32 feet long by 8 feet wide. The construction and measurements are consistent with schooners built between the 1850s and 1880s.

The experts believe it could be either the J.B. Skinner built in 1841, the George F. Foster built in 1852, the J.O. Moss built in 1863, the Eclipse built in 1852, and the Orphan Boy built in 1862.

At any rate, the latest discovery is at least 157 years old. When we can actually go to State Parks safely again, it will be cool to see.

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