The purpose is to celebrate the culture and history of Native Americans in West Michigan. A new sculpture by Jason Quigno was recently unveiled at Gerald R. Ford International airport. 

The base features a turtle with a floral design representing the four cardinal directions: north, east, south, and west. On top of the turtle’s shell sits a second feature of fire and flames. The pinnacle features four eagles with their mouths slightly open.

Johnny Quirin
Johnny Quirin

The sculpture is made from black granite and Indiana limestone and features important elements in Anishinaabe teachings. The sculpture is called “Connection to Creation." Tory Richardson, president and CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport Authority told Fox 17,

"As the gateway of West Michigan, the Ford Airport is in a unique position to share the culture of our community to visitors. We are so pleased to welcome Jason’s incredible sculpture in our collection as a reminder of the important history of Native Americans in our community.”

Quigno was approached a year ago to commission the piece. It’s placed near the baggage claim area and adjacent to the future federal inspection station. The sculpture was installed on April 22.


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