New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan has vetoed a bill which would have allowed Founders Brewing Co. to begin selling Breakfast Stout in New Hampshire.

The young child on the label is what's creating the problem.

Hassan released a statement saying "loosening restrictions on referring to minors could undermine our efforts to prevent underage drinking."

House Bill 122, introduced by New Hampshire State Representative Keith Murphy, would have modified how state law selects which labels of alcoholic beverages are banned:

Any subject matter or illustrations [inducing persons under the legal drinking agethat the commission determines is reasonably likely to induce minors to drink.

Hassan argued that the language is unclear and could lead to inconsistencies when applying it. She said any new law needs "to balance the desire for creativity in the marketing and/or branding of craft and other locally manufactured alcoholic beverages with the very real need to ensure that such marketing does not encourage underage drinking."

CBS Boston reports, Keith Murphy said, “No reasonable person would believe that this label is intended to appeal to minors in any way.”

They are both right. The language is unclear, but it is clear that the label does not appeal to minors.

Sounds like it's time for Founders to host a Hassan/Murphy beer summit. That's reasonably likely to solve the problem.

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