I love craft beer. I really like trying the new brews that local breweries come up with. Now I have a few new ones to try…

Mango Oberon
Facebook/Bell's Brewery

First, Bells is releasing a Mango Oberon. On their Facebook page, the company posted “Summer is about to get a mango twist!” No additional details were made available.

JBZ Beer
Facebook/Brewery Vivant

It was also announced that Brewery Vivant and John Ball Zoo have teamed up to create a new zoo brew called simply JBZ. The new beer was released on July 9th on draft at John Ball Zoo and at Brewery Vivant. The beer will later be packaged in 16-ounce cans for takeout at both locations later this summer. Vivant Brewery Creative Director Jon Ward describes the new beer as being “a crisp and easy-drinking summer beer with aromas of swaying pine trees, pineapple and refreshing citrus.” Profits from the new brew will be donated to water conservation and sustainability efforts.

Dragon's Milk Solera
Facebook/Dragon's Milk

New Holland Brewery has announced a new Dragon’s Milk. It’s called Dragon’s Milk Solera and is described as a “Foeder-aged ale with rich notes of caramel, toffee, and fig.” (A foeder is a massive oak barrel.) The beer will be available year-round beginning in August in select markets.

Blushing Padre
Facebook/Founder's Brewing Co.

And last but certainly not least, Founders Brewing Co. announced Blushing Padre as the next release in the Mothership Series. To come up with Blushing Padre, the brewery introduced its Blushing Monk Belgian-style raspberry ale to a tequila barrel.

According to Founders brewmaster Jeremy Kosmicki, "spending a year in the tequila barrels softened some of the sweet/tart flavors from the raspberries, took the edge off of the clove and banana characters from the Belgian yeast and added an extra layer of complexity from the oak and tequila."

Blushing Padre will be available in six-packs of bottles and on draft. The beer is available at the Grand Rapids and Detroit taprooms.

It looks like we have some beer drinking to do in the coming weeks!



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