Not the ice cream!

Now it's time to check your freezers because Nestlé has issued a national recall on their Drumstick ice cream cones. The recall comes after tests on manufacturing equipment at their factory in California, came back positive with listeria. According to Nestlé's website, the cones themselves didn't test positive with Listeria but could have had contact with the infected area.

No illnesses have been reported but the company is recalling the drumsticks to be on the safe side.

Affected ice cream cones include Drumstick Club 16 count Variety Pack (best by date June 2-15, 2017) and the 24 count Vanilla Pack (best by date June 16-19, 2017). No other drumstick packages or other ice cream made by Nestlé is a part of the recall.

If your ice cream package is a part of the recall, you are asked to return the product or contact Nestlé Consumer Services for replacement.

You can get more info about the recall here.

According to the FDA, symptoms of listeria include: fever, muscle aches, headache and diarrhea and is especially dangerous to pregnant woman, young children and the elderly.