Andy and I were talking on WTRV this morning about American Idol and how it looks like Aerosmith will be performing sometime before season's end. I was hoping to hear the older pre 1979 Aerosmith. Not politically correct, but the drugged-up Aerosmith were much better. Faster songs, louder guitars.

Jennifer Lopez is emerging as the most popular judge on "American Idol." J. Lo is getting a "favorable" rating from 52-percent to lead the way among the three judges. She's drawing a "very favorable" review from 15-percent, while 32-percent see her "unfavorably." Just six-percent think of her "very unfavorably." Randy Jackson is a close second, with 48-percent saying they have a "favorable" view of him and eleven-percent who see him "very favorably." Just 27-percent have an "unfavorable" opinion of the veteran "Idol" judge, and only eight-percent think of him "very unfavorably." Steven Tyler's getting a "favorable" review from 43-percent, including 15-percent who think "very favorably" of him. The Aerosmith frontman is not making much of an impression on 29-percent, while eight-percent have a "very unfavorable" opinion of him.


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