County Health Rankings annual report is out. This week, we are examining the results to see what they teach us about West Michigan.

The report says Muskegon and Ionia counties are among the most obese in Michigan.

The report defines obesity as the percentage of the adult population (age 20 and older) that reports a body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 30.

Use a CDC calculator to find your BMI.

The report found Saginaw County to be the most obese in Michigan with an obesity rate of 40 percent. Chippewa County is second with 38 percent. Muskegon County is tied for third with 37 percent. Ionia County's obesity rate is the sixth highest at 36 percent.

Leelanau County has the lowest obesity rate at 23 percent. Ottawa County has the third lowest at 26 percent.

The average rate of obesity in Michigan counties is 31 percent.