It looks like Jimmy Fallon is as obsessed with the clip of Morgan Freeman talking on helium as the rest of us are -- so much so that he even made the iconic actor do it again!

When Morgan Freeman stopped by 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon' to promote his new thriller, 'Lucy,' last night (June 24), the hilarious host couldn't resist asking Freeman to once again treat us all to the effects of his gorgeously smooth voice on helium. But because it can't be one-sided, the two decide to have an entire conversation while sucking the helium from balloons.

"Do you ever want to go to space?" Fallon asks the veteran actor with a high-pitched giggle.

Inhaling the helium, Freeman replies: "I really shouldn't be doing this," leaving Fallon laughing so hard that he literally spins around in his seat and pounds his desk.

"It's very undignified," he continues after inhaling even more helium. "See?"

There's a reason that Fallon and the audience can't stop roaring with laughter: Morgan Freeman on helium is downright hilarious. Check it out in the video above!

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