We’re known for our amazing craft beer here in the Mitten State, but when it comes to a cocktail most Michiganders are ordering a Moscow Mule.

A study done by Versus Reviews, a website where a group of people research and test different products, analyzed Google searches over the past year and found the most popular cocktail in each state.

A Moscow Mule which consists of vodka, ginger beer & lime juice, was not only preferred in Michigan but also Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico & New York. However, most Americans are drinking Whiskey Sours & Long Island Ice Teas as they are the favorite in six states each. The Mule was the 3rd most popular, overall.

Do you agree with the results? Are you a Moscow Mule fan or do you have a different preference when it comes to cocktails?

Versus Reviews
Versus Reviews

If you're looking for one of the best Moscow Mules in the Grand Rapids area, Steel Cat Bar is known to have a variety including their GIANT 192 oz. Mule which you can share with a group of friends. Trust me, you're going to need help with it!

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