It's the word most commonly Googled for spell check in our state, and it's really not that hard to spell.

Google Trends posted a map of the #1 word each state has to google, because people aren't sure how to spell it. And most of them are fairly short words . . .

Michiganders seem to not know how to spell different. They spell check that more than any other word, and they usually spell it 'differnt' when trying to figure it out.

I guess that makes sense, it's how my mom pronounced it.

Some of the other findings:

Tennessee is the only state with a FOUR-letter word at #1 . . . and that word is "gray."  G-R-A-Y is more common in the U.S., while other countries spell it G-R-E-Y.

Five states struggle with five-letter words:

  • Wisconsin can't spell "quiet."
  • Kentucky has trouble with the word "color."
  • Hawaii can't spell "bagel."
  • South Dakota can't spell "equal."
  • And North Carolina doesn't know which way to spell "donut."

Six-letter words are #1 in seven states:

  • "Friend" in Arizona and Indiana.
  • "Assist" in Utah.
  • "Hungry" in New Mexico.
  • "Cousin" in Pennsylvania.
  • "Career" in Delaware.
  • And the slang term "bougie" in Connecticut. (Pronounced BOOJ-ee if you're playing along at home)

The top seven or eight-letter words we struggle with include:  "Because", "dessert", "favorite", "tomorrow", "question", "teacher", "supplies", "nemesis", and "anxious."

"Beautiful" is the most common BIG word we can't spell - if nine letters is big. It's #1 in California, Nevada, Oregon, North Dakota, Illinois, New York, and New Jersey.

And here's our favorite stat: The #1 word people in Colorado have to Google to spell right is... "COLORADO."  And the top word in Alabama is "Georgia."

You can check out the national map of spelling searches here.

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