A mom from Portage will be showcasing her brilliant invention on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) this November.

FOX 17 says that Karen Smoots and her husband invented The Green Glove Dryer after their frustration with not being able to get their boys' gloves dry during the winter.

They were always wet and stinky, she said. And putting them in the dryer or on top of the registers at home weren’t working."

That's when they came up with The Green Glove Dryer, a few years ago. The dryer is a plastic device that you put over your heat registers and it comes with nozzles that you put your gloves, mittens, or hats on. The heat from the register is what dries the wet garment and the best part is it doesn't require electricity or any extra energy. It's using what's already in your home.

Since creating the product, Smoots says that its been sold in 500 stores around the U.S. You can also find the glove dryer on the website.

She will appear on HSN with the newest edition of the Green Glove Dryer on Monday, November 21st.

You can see a video on how it works below.