Speed limits on some Michigan roads may go up to 80 mph under a bill introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives.

The bill, introduced by Representative Brad Jacobson of Oakland County, would raise the speed limit to 80 mph on "rural limited access freeways". These are roads which have been labeled as rural by the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Michigan State Police.

The bill would also allow school buses and trucks to drive faster.

In another change, the bill would allow speed limit increases in construction zones by setting the lowest limit to 10 mph less than the regular speed limit.

A lot to consider here. Not sure it's best to lump all of these options into one bill.

I don't think higher speed limits on rural highways are a bad idea as long as all traffic travels at a similar speed. Enforcing speed limit laws, both maximums AND minimums, would create safer traveling whether speed limits are raised or not.

Get the specifics of the bills below.


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