Once or twice a year, University of Michigan evolutionary biologist Daniel Rabosky leads a team of U-M researchers on a month-long expedition to a region of the Amazon jungle in southeastern Peru. Their main focus has been reptiles and amphibians, but according to Michigan News, they've seen some crazy stuff out there over the last several years - like a centipede big enough to kill a snake and a giant tarantula carrying off a small opossum.

The video of the tarantula carrying off the opossum has gone viral. According to ScienceAlert.com, the opossum was a mouse opossum and about the size of a softball, but the tarantula was about the size of dinner plate. According to the doctoral candidate and students who came on the scene, they “heard some scrabbling in the leaf litter. We looked over and we saw a large tarantula on top of an opossum. The opossum had already been grasped by the tarantula and was still struggling weakly at that point, but after about 30 seconds it stopped kicking.”

Here's the story. If you haven't seen it yet. Get ready for some wild video.

Sleep tight.

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