It was a story that one would think could only happen in Florida, a violent cat jacking that happened in the Upper Peninsula.

A 52 year old Calumet man is in police custody facing charges of home invasion and assault following an incident Wednesday morning in Houghton County.

The man allegedly broke into a house in Laurium, held a gun to the resident's face and demanded the man's two cats. The suspect, who knew the victim, than absconded with one of the two cats and fled on foot.

Police apprehended the "cat jacker" a short time later, and he was taken to Houghton County Jail. No word on whether the cat that was taken was recovered.

There's more to this story, I'm sure of it. The cats were either in on it, or did something to the assailant. The cats probably peed on his rug, which pissed him off because the rug kind of tied the whole room together.

Full disclosure -- If it would have been me and a guy pulled out a gun and said, "Your cats or your life!", I'd have said take the cats, because I know they would've done the same to me if the roles were reversed, which explains pretty much why I don't have a cat.

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