A county commissioner from Montcalm County is making headlines for getting arrested but even more so for what he thinks is at fault for his arrest.

Back in December, Jeremy Miller was pulled over for speeding but after failing sobriety tests and having a BAC of .14, he was arrested for drinking and driving and charged with an OWI.

In a police report obtained by FOX 17, as Miller was getting placed in handcuffs, the arresting officer asked him if he understood why he was being arrested and Miller replied:

...because I was being stupid, those damn chicken nuggets."

That's legit. I can understand where he's coming from, especially if they were spicy chicken nuggets. Haven't you ever felt intoxicated off of food?

Miller was newly-elected to his position and just started serving his role as county commissioner on the first of the year. He'll be back in court for the offense later this month.

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