Bancroft's Kameron Swix has one of the best mullets I've ever seen, and since I come from the age of mullets, that's saying a lot.

Swix is one of ten finalists in Mullet Champ's Best Kid Mullet contest. You can vote for Kameron here. One vote per day, please.

Bancroft is in Shiawassee County near Owosso.

Kameron is sporting what is referred to as the 'Modern Mullet' which is defined by Mullet Champ as...

A less drastic version of its predecessors, modern mullets tend to be a bit subtler. The back is shorter, often closer to the length of the hair on top of your head, and the sides are shaved short, but faded into the longer hair on top. The varieties are endless, but the overall look tends to be a bit more modern, and a bit more refined.

Mullet Champ

Other types of mullets being sported in the kid's finals include the Freedom Flapper, the Waterfall, the Texas Tailgate and the Tennessee Top Hat.

Check out more of Kameron's mullet on his Facebook page, and do not judge. Because the only thing I know about Kameron, is he was named Student of the Month in second grade, so he's not dumb.

Good luck, Kameron. A state awaits your fate!



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