Is it really though?

As someone who's 30, single and lived in (and around) Michigan her whole life I'm having a hard time believing this. But according to a new study by WalletHub, Michigan comes in at #12 when ranking the best and worst states for singles.

Researchers compared all 50 states using 3 key indicators to make their determination:

  • Dating Opportunities (number of single adults, online dating, etc)
  • Dating Economics (income, cost of alcohol/movies/salon, etc)
  • Romance & Fun (nightlife options, restaurants, attractions, etc)

When it came to these indicators, Michigan did well in dating opportunities (9th) and romance & fun (14th). However, dropped a little bit in dating economics falling at 24 out of 50. The state also came in at #5 when it came to a balance of single men and women.

Source: WalletHub

Looking at the map above, it's no surprise the two sunny states (California and Florida) were  #1 and #2, respectively, for the best places for single people.

It's also not a surprise that the states that have more corn fields and cows than people have the lowest amount of singles living there. So if you are unattached, I would avoid moving to Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho or Utah because you're not going to have much luck finding love. But then again, what would I know, right?

Are you single? Do you agree that Michigan is a hot spot for single people? If so, teach me your ways.

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