As students prepare to head back to school, Michigan students and families may have another concern on their mind, bullying.

A new report says bullying is a major problem for Michigan students, especially those in high school.

The report from says Michigan has the biggest bullying problem in the United States. Louisiana ranks second and West Virginia ranks third.

The study considered 17 different measures including “bullying-incident rate” and “percentage of high school students bullied online.”

Massachusetts was shown to have the smallest rate of bullying. North Carolina and Vermont were the next lowest.

Bullying is extremely hard to measure. No doubt many, probably most, instances of bullying go unreported. It's hard to judge the accuracy of this report as related to total bullying, but it's good to have a starting point to measure against. Hopefully, students and parents can use this information to move forward and improve on ways to stop bullying.

Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Oregon, and Washington were not included in the study due to lack of data.

Source: WalletHub

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