Unless you're lactose intolerant, is there even a concept of 'too much cheese?' A Michigan grocery store is ready to challenge that by putting a 4500-pound block of cheddar up for sale.

Horrock's Market in Battle Creek posted an image of the huge cheddar cheese that may just give you the Mickey sweats if you eat too much of it.

That's a lot of cheeseburgers. We did the math on this year-old aged medium sharp cheddar and found that with 4500 pounds at $5.99 a pound, that's $26,955 if you want to wheel the entire wheel out of Horrock's.

Jim in the comments nails it:

Hello, MSUFCU? I would like to take out a $27,000 loan?
OK, now hear me out. I want to buy 4,500 lbs of cheese. Don't ask me why...

There Are People Who Love Cheese Too Much

Check out more cheese overindulgence. Perhaps you've caught this Progressive Insurance commercial. When it comes to parm at an Italian restaurant, sometimes it's difficult to say when.

This is purported to be the world's largest wheel of cheese. The cheese wheel was 6 feet wide and weighted 1323 pounds. Made it Europe, it actually when 'on tour' across America. The image below is from a stop at Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan in May of 2007.

Worlds Largest Cheese On Display In New York City
Getty Images

For the cheese lover in your life, Horrock's in Battle Creek may be the spot to go to 'bind' their affection for you.

Not just any chain grocer or corner bodega could source and put up for sale a 4500 pound cheese wheel. But do check out these top grocery stores from across America.

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