Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton get all of the press and former Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley participated in debates before dropping out of the presidential race, but most are surprised to learn there is a fourth democrat on the Presidential Primary ballot in Michigan, Roque Rocky De La Fuente.

The campaign's website says Rocky De La Fuente was born in 1954 in San Diego, where he still lives today. He sold cars before opening his own new car franchise. At the age 28, he owned 28 new car franchises in California. He has also worked in real estate and other industries.

De La Fuente entered the race on October 1, 2015. On his campaign website, he explains why:

I am a Democratic candidate for President in large part because of the hate and prejudice that I heard coming from Donald Trump and the Republicans. I am shocked that the Democratic Party has become somewhat of a clone of the Republican Party when it comes to minorities and sickened that it so obviously just takes minority votes for granted.

De La Fuente says he has been treated unfairly by the Democratic Party, he says:

I met Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Chair of the Democratic National Committee) in New Hampshire just before she went on stage and asked her to treat me fairly. She told me that it was impossible for her to get involved because she had to remain neutral; she couldn’t favor a candidate until the general elections. I told her I wasn’t asking for special treatment, just equal treatment. She walked away and went on stage and said how proud she was to introduce the final two Democratic candidates for President who were in the race.

De La Fuente has also said he has experienced "disappearing votes" in more than one location.

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