It is now easy for me to see why, Crucifixion, for Mia Tavonatti!  She IS a walking, talking, miracle who overcame and shows the resiliency of the human spirit to continue to go on.  She understands that there are no coincidences and even the bad stuff can be used for good.  It all depends on what you do with it.  Sometimes the only way to the other side, is to go through it.  I like her now that I had the chance to get to know her a little better.  $250,000 is hers for First Place! Second Place, Tracy Van Duinen, MetaPhorest gets $100,000 and Lynda Cole, Rain gets $50,000.


FOLLOW UP: Mia Tavonatti's mother passed away earlier in the day, hours before she was awarded 1st Place in ArtPrize for her entry Crucifixion. The following video is her talking about her mom's passing and knowing that her mom was there with her last night when she took home 1st Place in ArtPrize!  She also mentions another ArtPrize Juried Winner: Caroline Young of Chicago, Ill. for "Remember: Replay: Repeat" -- Time-based work in Performance/Film/Video Category.

Mia mentions that she felt like she received confirmation that her mother was there when Carolyn Young won for that video.  This whole thing has such a strong, spiritual, God feel to it.  Does it for you?