Michigan is adding a brand new traffic management system to some of it's most congested freeways. It's called "Flex Route" and it essentially adds a lane to a busy section of freeway that can be opened and closed in response to traffic load, construction, or accidents.

The first "Flex Route" system will be implemented on the US-23 corridor between M-14 in Ann Arbor to Eight Mile Road in Northfield Township. The Flex Route will convert existing shoulders into a third traffic lane for both northbound and southbound traffic. The system will also include dozens of gantries along the US-23 route that will display which lanes are currently in use, a warning system for upcoming traffic issues (accidents, traffic, etc.), and a real-time speed advisory system.

Michigan DOT

This new system is supposed to greatly reduce the commute time on US-23 during morning and evening rush hour. Construction is slated to begin early 2017.

Would you like to see a system like this somewhere in Grand Rapids?  What freeway do you think could use a Flex Route the most?