I will never be as excited about anything as Martha Stewart is about this coconut.

She took to Instagram on Thursday to show us a bunch of pictures of her beloved coconut and tell us all sorts of great things about it. Seriously.

"Why buy canned coconut water when you can get fresh water right from the source?" I don't know, Martha Stewart, tell me more!

"Pierce the one eye of the coconut that is soft with a metal skewer or ice pick. Step one." I don't know about you, but I don't just have an ice pick laying around my house. But, OK, step one.

"Shake out the water into a glass and drink up!!! So good. And healthy and cheaper than store bought." I don't know that I believe that, Martha. It may be healthier and cheaper, but I have to go out and purchase an ice pick just to make this happen!

"Look how much coconut water from a young coconut!! Very energizing. Very good." I'm gonna be honest, Martha, that doesn't look like much coconut water. I'm pretty sure I'd still be thirsty after drinking that.