When it comes to happily ever after, Michiganders are one of the best. As far as the "happily" part goes... that's another story. Just kidding. I'm 31 and single consider me a little bias.

A new study looked at the best states for marriages based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau which include marriage and divorce rates and the length of marriages. The research was conducted by LifeStorageBlog and it found that Michigan is one of the best states for marriages lasting. Michiganders, on average, stay married for 21.6 years. Maine & West Virginia were #1 with marriages lasting an average of 22.6 years. Washington D.C. was the worst at 10.6. Hmm.. think it has anything to do with politics?

Life Storage
Life Storage

Now on the opposite side of things... divorce. It's no surprise that the city of sin (Nevada) had the highest rate per capita at 4.5. Michigan's rate is 2.8.

As far as how many people are actually getting married, the study found no correlation between that and divorce rates. The rate at which people are getting married the least is in Rhode Island (13.5 per capita) and the highest is in Wyoming (28.4 per capita). Considering there are more cows than people in Wyoming I don't know whether to be surprised or not...

Even though Michiganders have long-lasting marriages, they are waiting longer to tie the knot and at an average age of 28.9, which if you think about it might go hand-in-hand.

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